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  • Do you feel that there is a gap between where you are now and where you are longing to be?

  • Do you take your place in your life and work towards your mission?

  • Or, do you say perhaps often Yes and you regret afterwards because you've realized that you real answer was actually No?

  • Are you having a natural pattern of stepping back, while you are longing in your heart to step forward?

  • Do you feel quick guilty?

  • Are you a person who takes often a lot of responsibilities on the shoulders?

  • And do you like to have (a) better relationship(s)?




Then I can help you! Because I know exactly how this feels and have been on all of those places. Namely, I was brought up in a culture where the social control is very big, where I had to follow the authority from outside almost blindly and had not really the right on my own individuality! Until, by going through a lot of suppression and as a result of my great perseverance and high ideals, I have found my own strength and became aware of everything what I am and what I can create. And this has helped me to rise above my own culture and to find the life and the love I could never dreamed of!



Live to the fullest expression of your heart!

I can help you to regain your self-esteem, to strengthen your identity, to find your inner guidance and never to be shaken by the challenges that come on your life's path.


Your results:


  • You will recognize your own unique talents and discover how to use them on your way;

  • You will notice that your insights, overview and personality power will increase, become broader and deeper;

  • Your relationship(s) will improve, becoming happier and more fulfilled;

  • You are going to feel free in yourself and in your surrounding to flow in harmony and balance; 

  • You will find your strength, joy and your magic and you'll feel the power to create and give as never before!

My Services

Coaching Tips

Watch my videos for inspiration, motivation and getting acquainted with my work, something I do with heart and soul and lots of love:)


One on One

Do you know your personality power? Namely, the biggest factor that makes someone successful is the personal power. The personal power depends on the capacity of the person to transform a certain idea into reality.


Relationship Coaching

Through my work and life experience I've realized that the greatest happiness that we as humans can experience happens in connection with another human being...



"Natasha is a very special woman and she helped me get back to myself. In an honest, clear and loving way, she knows exactly how to say and touch the good things. Where necessary, she dares to be tough and always gives you the feeling that you are doing well. I feel safe with her. I came to Natasha desperately a year ago, stuck in ideas I had, stuck in my relationship. Now things have become so clear to me, I shine, I have been able to free myself from old patterns and convictions. I do what I want and have a loving and joyful relationship with my husband. I like the fact that Natasha uses different methods to get things to light and I think she is a very wise woman. "



Natasha is a unique coach. Every session is different and tailor-made, which always makes the conversations stimulating, surprising and exciting. She confronts lovingly, she is sharp and coaches both on a practical level and essential themes. Thanks to the mirrors she has holded for me, I grew as a person and as a professional. I started to see and feel more about what makes me unique and to what I can contribute. My relationships have deepened, especially because the relationship with myself has become softer and encouraging.

Often when I leave after having a conversation, I feel calm, connected to myself and have clarity about the next steps or about my direction." - Maike Koolhaas, Dramaturg for, among other things, HBO courses.


sophie schoch

Sophie Schoch

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