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Do You Feel Safe In Your Relationship? 



Hello dear people!


In my work as a coach I often meet people who don't feel safe in their life and also not in their relationship. The need to feel safe in life is one of the basic human needs that we people need to satisfy on a daily basis.


That means that we need to feel free in the expressing of our feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas; and to feel free in the way we are and want to be!


Self-expression is our birth right and our highest good. When we don't feel safe in life or in our relationship we will not be able to open our mouth. Then we will start to hold in, to step back and to hide.


When people do this consistently on a daily basis, they start to become tired, get headaches and many other negative consequencies on their health and well-being.

And this can become an issue in relationships. Esspecially when people live together for a longer time, they start to develop expectations from each other about how their partner needs to behave, dress or communicate...!

And when one of the partners consistently can not reach the expectations of the other partner, over time they will start to close their heart and stop showing what they really experience. Then the fear will come in and problems can grow.


Because my mission is to inspire people to develop to their fullest potential, and happy relationships are the key to a happy life, I was inspired to make this video!


I invite you to share your ideas, thoughts and experience with me on this topic!


With love and appreciation!




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