Four Conditions and Tips for a Happy Relationship!

Four Conditions and Tips for a Happy Relationship!




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Hello dear people!

In this video my dear husband Ton Creemers, (who is expert in relationships, among his other disciplines) and me are talking about the four conditions which are necessary in order to start a happy relationship in the basic and we are giving also some tips for having a great loving relationship!

These four elements are:
1) the purpose in life;
2) the intellectual level;
3) the feelings and emotions; &
4) the physical attraction.

When the first three are there, then people have a good friendship. But, all the four aspects are necessary for having a good, happy and loving relationship.

Watch our video if you like to learn more about this!

With much love and appreciation!

Natasha and Ton


Hereby the link to the video: The Difference between Falling in Love and LOVE !

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