Do You Hear Or Do You Listen?

Do You Hear Or Do You Listen?



Hi dear people,


In my work as a coach in personal development I've noticed that many people don't know the difference between listening and hearing. And this is or can become a huge problem in relationships, especially in partnerships, but also in friendships and also in work relationships.

Since life is becoming busier and we are daily exposed to every kind of information from different kind of sources; we have to choose constantly to what we are going to give our attention and to what not. Therefore very often the attention for each other stays on the surface and the communication becomes functional. Then people only hear half to each other and make a lot of assumptions. And this is destructive for the communication, especially in close relationships.
Everyone wants to be listened and understood in the deepness and not everyone likes immediately to hear advices and solutions. Self-expression is our biggest birthright. When you deeply listen to the other person, you feel also deeply connected.

And in the essence everyone longs for a deep(er) connection with others. And deep connections are created when we are really interested in each other and listen carefully to what the other person likes to say with empty head and open heart. Then the other one feels spiritually embraced.

Since I’ve noticed that this is a problem in many relationships, I was inspired to make this video. My motivation is to contribute a little bit to the quality of your relationships in the wish that you can connect deeper with each other; because I’ve understood that the real happiness comes when we are capable to connect deeply with other human beings.

Thank you for watching! I wish you a great day and till the next video!

With love and appreciation!

Natasha Martinoska

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