Irritation and Annoyance My Biggest Teachers

Irritation and Annoyance My Biggest Teachers



Hello dear people!


Here is Natasha with you today and my topic for today is: “How it comes that the people who annoy you are your biggest teachers”!


Most of the people want to live and work in environments in which they are surrounded with people who like them. Namely, we all like to work with people with whom we can communicate in an easy way, who understand us quickly and we don’t have to use too many words to explain what we mean!
But how big is the chance that we can live and work only with people on our frequency? Very little!


This was my motivation to make this video in which I explain the difference between irritation and annoyance in the hope to help people to create better relationships with themselves and their surrounding!

Watch my video if you like to learn more about this!


With much love and appreciation!


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