JOY Keeps Us Vital, Healthy And Alive!

     JOY Keeps Us Vital, Healthy And Alive!



Hello dear people!


In this video I speak about joy! Joy was an issue in my life. As a child I was too serious. And I realized later that when we have tests and difficulties in life, it is not always easy to find the joy again. And this video I dedicated to joy to remember us that joy is very important because of number of reasons:

- Joy strengthens our free will;
- Joy gives us wings;
- Joy keeps us healthy;
- Joy builds on creativity;
- Joy strengthens our self-esteem system!

And sadness belongs also to life. Only we may learn to feel it and to let it go and not to cherish it. Because people who cherish sadness over many years, unconsciously build on fear and therefore can create many problems to themselves. So, joy is what is keeping us vital, healthy and alive!


Let met know what gives you joy, I would love to hear from you!


Thank you for watching, I wish you a great day and till the next video!


Warm greetings,



Hereby the link to the video over to please vs to serve:


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