How To Go On With Negative Thoughts ?

How To Go On With Negative Thoughts?



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In this video I speak about how to deal with negative thoughts. We all have negative thoughts every now and then, only some people have this stronger and others less. This is partly due to the need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from what we perceive as a danger to our well-being.

People often don't know how to deal with these negative thoughts and often feel guilty about it. In this video I explain that we have taken over these negative voices from our educators and we repeat the behavior we've learned in our youth in new situations which are similar to those in the past, in order to protect ourselves and keep us safe. It is very important to work out the negative aspects in a loving manner so that we can build more positivism and thereby achieve more quality in our life.

Check out my video if you want to know more about this !

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