Working together means working together on the basis of the free will and equality, in the understanding of the mutual dependency.  - Abbas Effendi

In One on One coaching we work together focused on your personal needs, goals and desires.

You are going to discover:

-How to focus on here and now and on what you need to do to achieve your specific goal.

-How to make good and more conscious choices in wisdom and understanding. You´ll learn to listen more to your inner voice and to trust your feelings.

-How to strengthen your positive will and also to develop a system that supports you in achieving your dreams.

-What are your talents and also your growth opportunities. You get insights and overview about yourself, your actions and your role within your own environment.

-What spiritual laws are (logical developments of your qualities) and how they actually manifest themselves in your life.

-How to protect and preserve your energy, your borders and also your mental and physical health in a better way.

-How to enrich your relationships and to help them grow and flourish!

-How you can own your personality power and thereby take your place and fulfill your mission!


And often, it is easier than you think. You will notice that a number of things you'll change automatically, only by increasing your awareness and getting an insight over your own life situation.

The first appointment is free of charge. In this talk we''ll look at your underlying needs, consciously and unconsciously, at your goals and at your growing opportunities.

We'll work together both on you personal and professional (business) growth because for me every development starts from the inside out and these two are inseparable! "Success is something you attract by the person you become"-Jim Rohn