How To Go on With Pain / Emotions In Your Life ?

   How To Go on With Pain / Emotions In Your Life ?



Hello dear people!


In this video I speak about how to go on with spiritual pain in life. Namely, in our society and culture today people are very often educated always to be strong on the outside; otherwise they have the idea that they will be seen as week. This pattern means that people have to suppress their emotions, since the emotions feel unpleasant. But. by suppressing the emotions, the inner pain from the emotions is only growing and as a consequence people are becoming tired, the joy in life is going away, the energy is down and the heart becomes cold and dry.


I had this education too. But, later in life thanks to my hysband and thanks to the years of working together with him, I've learned that the emotions needs to be seen, heard and expressed because on this way we build on the qualities which are connected to them and that creates peace and joy in our heart.


Since this knowledge has changed my life in a positive way and in my work is changing the life of my clients, I decided to make this video and to share this knowledge with you!

Let me know how you experience this, I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for watching, I wish you a great day and till the next video!


Warm greetings and much love!



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