The happiness of people depends on the happiness in their relationships.


Most of the people feel stuck at certain point in the patterns of their relationships. My Relationship Coaching can help you to recapture, rekindle, or deepen love in any intimate relationship.


In a Relationship Coaching you (or both of you together) will discover:


-how to improve the relationship you have with yourself;

-what you really want to have in your relationship - and how to get it;

-how to understand each other's needs;

-to recognize each other's challenges and how to overcome them;

-how you can communicate effectively with each other in the way that suits your needs;

-what polarity means and how it creates both balance and spark in a relationship;

-how to strengthen your bond with your partner - even in times of stress.


Through my work and life experience, I've  realized that we people can not develop to the fullest of our potential if we don't receive the love in the way that we need it. AND the greatest happiness we can experience as human beings happens in connection with another human being.


This is the reason that I love to share my knowledge, insights and the harmony that I experience in my relationship with you!


The relationship coaching I do together with my dear husband Ton Creemers. Ton is and expert in analyzing the character of people, very thoroughly and precisely. He has more than 30 years experience in all aspects concerning people's development and behavior. Our energy together helps the coaching process to run deeper and faster!


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Today I like to introduce you to my dear husband @toncreemers. We know each other for more than 10 years and we are a team, both in our private life and in our work. So, we work separately and also together when needed. A huge part of my knowledge as a Coach, I’ve learned from him. He is a Psychologist, a Senior Coach and also a Business Advisor and Recruiter. I was working as his assistant for 6 years before I started my own coaching practice. Ton is brilliant in his profession and a very gifted man. Namely, he has the ability to feel the energy of people only via their name and surname, he doesn't have to meet them. And he is capable to describe the character in 12 points, like for example: the strongest quality (talent) of the person, the quality of development in this stage of life, the stress level, the strongest psychological inner need, the role model, the sales capacity and the person’s purpose and destiny in life. Next to this, he is also capable to explain the click between people in (any) relationship(s), which clarifies why with certain people the communication and the relationship is very good and with others not at all. And we all feel this mostly unconsciously, but most of the time we can't give words to our feelings. But Ton can explain this; in a way you can understand it! And he is using his special talent in guiding people, who are coming to him often when they are on the crossroad in their life, professionally or personally. He has helped many professionals, businessmen, students, couples and families to find and choose what’s right for them. So, if you have questions about yourself or people who are dear to you pls feel free to ask these, or contact Ton directly, it can save you a lot of troubles, energy and sometimes years of searching. We'll translate his website also in English soon, so please stay tuned ! . . . Voor de Nederlandse mensen, check voor meer info! Link in my bio! . . . . . #innervision #spiritualgifts #spirituality #spiritualdevelopment #universalknowledge #knowledgeseeker #characteranalysis #character #personalqualities #talentontwikkeling #talenten #talents #destiny #crossroad

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