Are You Doing the Things from to Serve or from Pleasing ?!

Are You Doing The Things From Willing To Serve Or From Pleasing ?!



In this video I speak about to serve vs to please!

Self-expression is our birth right. All what we want from own free will gives us energy.

To serve gives energy and joy! To please costs energy and is very tiring.

To serve means to sacrifice our own free will and do the things out of love for the other person. That gives us a lot of energy and joy. The most happiness we experience as people when we can serve others from our own free will, when we can satisfy the positive physiological inner needs of others, off course in justice and wisdom.

To please means to suppress your own free will and to follow the will of another person. This happens most of the time if you experience the other person as someone who has a higher authority than your own authority. Pleasing costs energy and is very tiring.

I was very much pleasing in my younger life and it took me a long time to understand what I really want and what is right for me. In my work with people as a coach, I notice that many people struggle with this issue.

That's my inspiration to make this video!

Thank you for watching! A wish you a great day!

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