You spiritual development is your right and your duty. How it comes?

You Spiritual Development Is Your Right And Your Duty. How It Comes?

Spiritual development, spiritual growth. Natasha Martinoska, Tony Robbins

In my idea we humans are spiritual beings. We are a soul and have a body. As the body needs to be nurtured, the soul needs to be nurtured too. Inherent to every human being is the need to grow, to develop, like a tree which is growing to the light of the sun.


Spiritual development is for me developing of our qualities, of our capacities. Life is never standing still. Like everything in the nature, we people spiritually grow or do not grow, every day. It depends on the choices we make and the experiences we daily face, we change every day, little step by step. And I’ve learned in life that when we do not develop our good qualities, then our growing opportunities are increasingly decreasing! For ex: If we stay to long in the fear, our need to control life and the people we love is increasing. In addition, our mistrust is growing, we stay in our ratio and get stuck in thinking and we forget our feelings. And as a consequence, the joy in life is becoming less and less, the playfulness also and life is becoming more depressed.


We people have all the good and the bad potentially in us. It depends on us on what aspects we are giving the most attention and what kind of choices we make. When we put to much attention on the negative sides in us (and in others), then they will grow. When we put our attention to the positive sides in us and in others, then the positive sides will grow! Tony Robbins is expressing this very well: "Where the attention goes, the energy flows".


In my opinion people who do not succeed in life are too much busy with their own shortcomings and they project them on others too. This is a spiritual law.


That is why dear people, my tip to you for today is: Look at your positive sides in yourself and others. Make a list with your good qualities, choose one and try to meditate on it! Think about this quality, make a drawing, feel how does it feel and follow the movement which comes up in you... And tell me how you experienced this. I’d love to hear from you!


Much joy!



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