Think Out Of The Box!




Hello dear people!


Today I like to remember you to question our reality and not to take things for granted.  And in this video I would like to invite you to think and to do things differently!

Namely, we people get easily used to certain habits, behaviours, structures, systems, rules, traditions…And often unconsciously we repeat certain behaviors or habits. At the same time we are often not aware that on the long-term, these have a negative influence or even can be harmful to our future, our lives or our relationships.

But, change is not easy for us as human beings. We people shall only change if in certain situations we walk against the wall or we feel pushed somewhere to the corner. Because the greatest longing in us is to stay faithful to our known identity.


In this video I use as an example the behavior of the ants in the nature, which walk very faithfully in each other's footsteps and bring food to their colony. But, when their living conditions drastically change and when all their traces that help them to return to their colony have disappeared; in their attempt to survive the ants start to walk in each other's footsteps again. AND then unknowingly, they sometimes continue walking in large circles until they die.


And this pattern often happens in our life and relationships too. We humans often repeat certain behaviors, even if they don't work, because we don't know how to do things differently in order to change our living conditions.

Instead of sticking to the old learned behaviors, in this video I would like to invite you to start thinking OUT OF THE BOX! Try things out in a different way,  experiment and search and don't settle down until you  find a way that works for YOU!


Know dear friends that the best way to separate and to break the relationship is to blame and to shame each other. And be aware that positive reinforcement is much more efficient than a negative one.


And one thing is sure. LOVE has a special power. Love is an irresistible force when it is sincere. And LOVE can break through any shield when it is consistent. This is a spiritual law.


So, think out of the box! Let your creativity play and try to discover what works for YOU!


I wish you lots of success and lots of LOVE!


With love and appreciation!




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