Why Coaching?


Very few people live on the level where they experience that they live their best lives. Many people feel a gap between where they are now and where they want to be, regardless of whether it is about their emotional life, body, relationship(s), family, children, profession, work, business, friendships ...!


So, how do YOU feel about where you are now?

AND how would you feel if you have reached the things you crave?


Today, in our society during your education and schooling, it's most likely that you didn't learn how to go own with difficulties/challenges in life; where you are good at and how to deal with problems in a positive way. Often everybody is left on themselves to find this out. And even more in our culture you are often educated to show only your strong sides to the outside world. As a result, people very often don't show how they actually feel or think.

Most people act unconsciously, not knowing what they really want.  And even if they would know what they want, they don't take the actions to achieve their goals. Because they say to themselves that they are not smart enough, strong enough, brave enough. What is holding them back is not their ability - it is the fear of failure. It is normal to be afraid, but it is not ok to let fear be your guide.

Natasha Martinoska

But, even if people would know what to do and would have no fears, they have no insights and detailed plan to follow. They have not experienced the shift in their emotions and in their psychology in order to get through it.


While everyone craves for FREEDOM in themselves and in their Relationships with others. And that is what gives JOY & INDEPENDENCE!


You'll learn to see difficulties in life as stepping stones in your development to the next level. Also you'll learn that without pain in life, you can not grow. When life should be always happy, there is no impulse to change, you should always stay the same. But life does not want that. Thus, when you don't challenge life, life will challenge you!


Natasha Martinoska

What is Coaching?

Coaching is one of the most valuable tools in the world! Through Coaching you will find the energy, the strength, the insights and the accountability that you need to achieve continuous results.

Namely, the success or the failure in life doesn't happen overnight. There are certain patterns that make people successful and there are certain patterns that make people fail. Patterns that make people frustrated, angry and depressed and patterns that make people feel passionate, full of life and take control of their lives.

All our success or failure in life comes from the small decisions, the small actions, the small moments that we undertake and experience on daily basis.

Those little things mean everything! And your Coach will not let you miss these little things. With a help from a Coach you can achieve consistent results. It is often easier than you think. But, this process requires perseverance.

Namely the best athletes, professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, writers, actors, etc., work together with a Coach. Because the Coach is a trusted person who knows you well, works with you on the basis of equality and wants the best for you. The Coach helps you to close the gap between where you are now and what you want to be.

If you are serious and you really want to improve your life in any area (whether you want to change your body, your emotions, your relationships, finances, career, business, the way you spend your time, or just want to create the experience of a meaningful, happy and fulfilled life), my Results Coaching will help you win.


Essentially, it is about becoming who you potentially are. And your heart and soul feel that, they know when You are living Your TRUTH!


As your Results Coach I help you to set goals, identify what stops you and teach you to go beyond your fear. With my Results Coaching you'll discover how to take larger steps and continue these in times of uncertainty.

So, step out of your comfort zone to where the real growth is happening, and start living an extraordinary life today!

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